Why Harland ?

Choosing your electrician should be done carefully.
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Why choose Harland Electric?

Choosing your electrician should be done in a thorough manner. The safety of your family and property depends on hiring the right professional. People choose Harland Electric for any and all of the following reasons:

We are Licensed in MA and NH

Licensure in your home state ensures that electrical services are installed within your town's code. This prevents possible lawsuits - or worse - fires and damage to your home or loved ones. In order to stay fully licensed, our electricians take regulated courses in electrical code and practices.

We are Fully Insured

We carry both liability and workman's compensation insurance plans. These financial tools protect your home against the possible risks associated with electrical wiring service.

We give you Upfront Estimates

Harland Electric provides estimates for the job as a whole or in part, either as a set rate or billed as a time and materials rate.

We deliver Prompt Service

Your project receives timely attention. Initial appointments are planned for the next available day, typically only a few days to a week away.

We always provide Prompt Callbacks

Harland Electric upgrades your electrical services, and alleviates your problems. You get a call back and appointment within 2 weeks, often just a few days.

We have Emergency Services

The first electrician with guaranteed emergency service around the clock. Harland Electric, Inc. provides emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your emergency call is answered within a few minutes, and an electrician is at your home or business within an hour or two.

Remember, electrical work is not a hobby. Hire a professional.

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