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Choosing your electrician should be done carefully.
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Professionally Trained and Licensed Technicians

To become an electrician, an individual has to complete a five year, full-time apprenticeship, with a licensed electrical contractor. In addition to the full-time job, the apprentice has to complete 600 hours of academic classroom study of electrical code, theory, mathematics, and blueprint reading before becoming eligible to take the Journeyman Electrician Exam.

Following successful licensing as a Journeyman, he has to complete another year of full-time electrical work, and another 100 hours of classroom study before becoming eligible to take the Master Electrician Exam.

All of our electrical work is overseen  by a Journeyman or Master Electrician at the job site and participating in the work.  If we employ an apprentice on the job, he works "one on one", directly under the supervision of a specific Journeyman or Master.

You need a licensed electrician: many fire hazards or problems can occur when home owners or other unlicensed individuals perform electrical work. Remember electrical work is not a hobby hire a licensed professional!


Remember, electrical work is not a hobby. Hire a professional.

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